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Wednesday February 20th 2019

Meeting with President Scott Cowen

TUPAC representatives will be meeting with President Cowen on Monday to discuss the labor code of conduct. So far, President Cowen has not taken a stance on the code of conduct, or even the idea of a labor code of conduct in general.

Tulane is one of the most important institutions in the economy of New Orleans and the surrounding region. It’s time we made sure that we’re setting the example and helping to improve standards in industries such as food service, in which working conditions are notoriously poor.

On April 6 of last year, President Cowen said “the treatment of Tulane University employees is already comprehensively covered in the faculty and staff handbooks and university employment policies. I mention this fact so that the issues you may have with Sodexo are not conflated with the existing Tulane policies regarding its treatment of university employees.”

It’s time to tell President Cowen that subcontracting employees does not relieve Tulane of the moral responsibility to ensure that they are provided with living wages, affordable benefits, and the right to form a union without intimidation. Sodexo, Unicco, and all subcontracted workers at Tulane are a part of our community too!

You can e-mail President Cowen at email hidden; JavaScript is required, and call his office at (504)865-5201.

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