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Saturday January 19th 2019

TransAfrica Report in Washington Post

The Washington Post published an article today on the TransAfrica Report detailing human rights and labor abuses carried out by Sodexo against its employees across the globe.

Let’s again take this opportunity to address the falsehoods put forward by Sodexo in trying to hide their disgusting, reprehensible conduct. They claim that only a “small number” of workers have made claims of abuses. This is the same claim Sodexo tried to make when over 90% of Bruff employees decided to walk out last semester in protest of degrading treatment at the hands of their employer. Sodexo seems to think that if it tells enough lies, people with believe them. But anyone who has spoken to Sodexo employees knows that their abusive policies are not limited to small number of employees–in fact, it’s hard to find an employee, at least here at Tulane, who hasn’t experienced degrading treatment from their managers. Of course, Sodexo illegally fires and harasses workers who do speak out, so it’s not surprising that employees are fearful of telling the truth. As the TransAfrica Report demonstrates, the truth will continue to get out in spite of Sodexo’s illegal intimidation tactics.

There is no reason for Tulane to associate itself with such a morally repugnant company. It’s time we set some standards for the way our workers are treated here on campus (there currently are none) instead of letting this multinational corporation known for abusing its employees set those standards for us! Let’s not let Sodexo tarnish the reputation of one of the greatest Universities in the country!

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