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Wednesday February 20th 2019

April 7th: What’s at stake?

On Thursday, April 7th, Carina Mieses will share her story of working for Sodexo in the Dominican Republic. Here are some highlights from other Sodexo worker’s stories in that same country:

“According to Sodexo workers of the Pueblo Viejo mine, a colleague had
asked for her daily duties to be changed because she discovered that she
was pregnant. The workers claim that Sodexo required the colleague take
a pregnancy test to prove her pregnancy prior to getting a different work
assignment. She was eventually moved to work in the laundry room, where her
tasks included standing for long periods and working amidst extremely hot

“One worker reported a herniated disk in her back which
was diagnosed after eight months of working for Sodexo. Due to her injury, her
doctor asked that she take a leave of absence from work, and upon her return,
request that her daily duties be changed to ones that are less physically taxing.
When this employee brought her doctor’s note to her supervisor, she alleged he
threw it in the trash, accusing her of paying the doctor to give her a note and
stated there is nothing wrong with her. Although she has asked for a change
in her daily duties to protect her health, she reported that her request was
not granted. When discussing her supervisor’s response, she summarized her
perception of the general work environment as: “It is with fear that one works,
you work in fear with him.” Because of her need for money, she continues to go
to work, despite the pain in her back and against the recommendations of her

“Also at the Pueblo Viejo mine, a case of food poisoning caused hundreds of
mine workers to become ill. The case at the mine received national coverage
throughout the Dominican Republic when it broke in March 2010. Sodexo
eventually admitted responsibility for the food poisoning and it was clear that
unsafe food was served and caused the illnesses. 11 Workers interviewed for this
VOICES FOR CHANGE Sodexo Workers From Five Countries Speak Out 7
report were part of the team who say they informed Sodexo management that
this batch of food looked decomposed and bubbly. The workers maintain the
rotten food was notwithstanding this distributed to the employees of the mine.”

You can read more in the TransAfrica Report.

Is this the kind of company Tulane should be doing business with? Don’t take our word for it. Take the worker’s words. Come out on April 7th, hear more stories like these and find out what you can do to help change this situation.


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